First time Tokyo
  1. In February I was in Japan. I was in Japan, because I were going to attend the Winter Wonderland Tour from Martin Bailey. But before, I stayed some time in Tokyo. On Friday at about lunch I arrived at my hotel, the Prince Hotel Complex at Shinagawa Station. I choose this, because it used to be the meeting point for the tour. The hotel complex consists of mainly two hotels, the Main Tower and the East Tower. I stayed in the East Tower, because of cost reasons. The rooms are OK. But don’t expect to much comfort.

After arriving, I had two days for my own to explore Tokyo before the tour should start. On exploring the city of Tokyo was exciting. On one side it is so comparable to any western city and on the other side it is so different. It is comparable in a sense, that it is very modern with lots of sky scrappers. On the other side, it is still traditional Japanese. To get some impressions I included the following gallery.