Buying a truck

Buying a truck is difficult. This year the Chaos Communication Camp will take place at Ziegeleipark Mildenberg. It is a great event for nerds. But there is a problem: it is a camp. I own a tent, which I used previously. But my girl friend decided that she does not like tents. Houston, we have problem. So out of the blue I looked around for alternatives to a tent. I asked friends who own a camper. But unfortunately this camper will not be...

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Hello world!

I’d like to welcome you on my new blog. This is a blog of a traveler. A traveler traveling in real world through different countries, but also traveling through thoughts in the unreal world. But who is this traveler? I am this traveler. I am called by the real name Thilo. I was born into this world in at time when th world was completely different than today. There was not much technology like today. There was a different political...

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