I’m Thilo Schumann. I’m a young guy living in Germany, born and grown up in the Eastern part of Germany.

Right now, I don’t want to go into th details of my youth in the former times. It should be enough to know it was a good time.

I have many skills in different application fields, but all are somehow related to electronics, computer and other stuff like that. Why? Is it because my dad was a communication officer? Is it because my mom was working with computers from early on? I don’t know. What I know, I had in school a class in informatics. At the time this was mainly learning how to use Word, Excel, but also some basic things in BASIC. Two friends of mine and myself were always bored during this class, because we had all the skills experienced long time before. At the end of the class everybody in the class should made a small programming project. Anybody was trying to paint something onto the screen or tried to do some stuff with words or things like that. But we three decided to make a small computer game. We called it Cesar, if I remember correctly and play role was to trade things and by trading these things you earn points. Instead of trading you could also farm, so it was a little mixture between Sid Meyers Civilization and The Patrician placed in the time frame of Rome. I think it was a good game and it worked. But I must admit I never really played the game. I’m not a gamer.

Later on I learned all the details about electronics in the university, because it happened that I started to study electrical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Jena. It was a great time and I learned a lot, and I forgot a lot since than. You know how it goes.

When it comes to skills, what are my skills, thats simple: anything related to software and hardware development as well as communication networks. I have skills in different programming languages except the weired ones. I have skills mainly in digital in hardware design, but still don’t know if I should count VHDL to software or hardware. The thing I never really understood was analog hardware design, but hey who does need that? Because my close friend of the family is my professor for analog hardware design. Communication networks is the third domain where I have skills in and it doesn’t matter if its simple serial communication like RS232 or Ethernet. But the real bits and quirks I know about Controller Area Network (CAN). Why? Because I’m the technical manager at CAN in Automation (CiA).

That brings me back to why this blog. For CAN in Automation I travel a lot. I travel for meetings. I travel for seminars. I travel for conferences. But sometimes I just travel for pleasure. Yes, even that I travel a lot for business purposes I like to travel for myself. I don’t need a specific destination. It’s just because of the traveling and people you get in contact on these journeys. I will write stories, some are short and others are even shorter, about the travel experiences I made, the people I met and all the fun on traveling. As I call myself a photographer I will also write the photography on these journeys.

If you have any question fire up an email and get in contact with me at traveler{at}pingu[dot]info.