Back in Kathmandu

It’s been a long time, almost a year, that I was here. But coming back
feels like to have left only yesterday. It’s weired coming back into
such a city. Because even that I arrived very late in the evening and
been driven through the city during a power outage, which means
everything is dark, I’m able to recognize the streets and things like
that. Monika just said yesterday “partly it feels like coming home.”
Yes, it really feels like coming back home.
Yesterday we had a lazy day. Just hanging out at the New Orleans Cafe
for a brunch and later in the garden of the Hotel. In the mean time
the first guys showed up Nicole from Australia, and Stefan from
Germany. I made a walk with the through Thamel the tourist district
and showed them around. Until we waited in the Hotel that the rest of
the group arrives. We waited there together with Jeff from Canada, who
was the first here in Kathmandu, David from the US, and Monika and
Chris from Germany. The rest of the group arrived then very late. We
had a short sit in until it got midnight and everybody went to bed.