It happened to me: I had my first trip to India for business reasons. I was scheduled to go to the Wind Power India 2011. My presentation at the conference was not accepted so I just visited the fair ground. The fair ground was one main hall and a one small hall. In the main hall a huge space was devoted to a shared space for companies from Denmark. That was then also the main message as seen on the other booths: distributors from Westerneuropean companies presented themselves. The main companies building wind turbines readily to buy and some companies offering maitenance where present. That would complete image that currently there is no industry in India building wind turbines themselves. Hopefully that will change over time and we will see what the next year will bring.

The fair was in Chennai. Arriving in Chennai was like anybody expect who India would be. It was hot, sweaty, clumsy, dusty and chaotic. I was picked up by our local representative and we got the hotel. The same as what you would expect in India: simple and sticky. The room was a inside room — don’t know if outside rooms where available at all — and such dark and very sticky as there is no way to get any fresh air in. But it was clean. The next morning the breakfast seems to be of local type. As I’m not the breakfast guy, which means I don’t want a lunch or dinner like buffet for breakfast, they had not anything to offer for me except the coffee. But the coffee was an experience itself for me as it was a very small cup with lots of very sweet milk. To sum up it was an interesting experience.